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October 10th, 2022 by

Autumn flowers in a rock-garden

Raking up fallen leaves isn’t the only task you should have on your list for autumn yard care. Like your vehicle, your yard needs to be prepared for the cold weather. The technicians in our service center are the people you should turn to for all of your auto service, but you’ll have to rely on the staff at Meadow Farms Nurseries to help with all your lawn care needs. Check out some of the ways they can help you below.

Cold Weather Lawn Prep Guidance

Your front lawn will require extra preparations for the cold weather ahead. You can start with winterizing your lawn. How? The team at Meadow Farms Nurseries has helpful handouts to assist you with preparing your lawn for winter. They’ll show you how to properly use fall lawn foods and how to correctly apply a winterizer to give your lawn a boost.

Lawn Care One-Stop-Shop

Once you’ve got a clear direction on how to prepare your lawn, you’ll find everything you need on the shelves at Meadows Farms. If you’ve just moved into your home, you may need a complete lawn makeover. Meadows Farms Nurseries has everything you need for that as well. Soil products and grass seeds are some of the more common items homeowners need to apply during the fall, and they have a wide variety of both.

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Find Blooms for Your Fall Landscape

If your lawn is already in good shape for the cold seasons ahead, you can turn your attention to landscaping. Meadows Farms Nurseries has a gorgeous selection of flowers that can help you add pops of autumn color to your front yard. You can place a pot of orange mums on your front porch, add the deep purple hues of fall pansies to your flower bed, or brighten your your fall garden with a fuchsia chrysanthemum. There are lots of fall perennials to choose from, and when it’s time to find a pumpkin for your jack-o-lantern, Meadows Farms Nurseries’ has you covered there, too.

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