This Year’s Best Unusual Costume Ideas

October 3rd, 2022 by

Multi-ethnic group of people dressed up in Halloween Costumes

Halloween is usually all about putting together the spookiest, creepiest look you can imagine. The streets will be overrun with ghosts and ghouls, vampires and werewolves, and so on. But you don’t have to go the scary route.  If you don’t have an idea for your Halloween costume this year, why not try one of these fun costumes that are sure to get a laugh out of your friends and family?

Costumes for the Whole Family

  • S’mores – If you’re trick-or-treating party features a tiny human, you can dress the kiddo up in small white pillows and a white hat. They’ll look like a little walking marshmallow. Mom and Dad can be graham crackers and chocolate and you’ll look like a life-size s’more.
  • Baby Yoda Baby – Little one not walking yet? That’s fine. You can dress your baby up as baby Yoda. You and your partner can be Fennec Shand and The Mandalorian.
  • Sun, Rain, and Rainbows – If your family has more than one kiddo let them be little rainbows while you and your spouse play the part of the sun and the rain.

Fun Solo Costumes

  • Anna Wintour – Got a penchant for dark shades and tailored clothes? Add a wig with blunt-cut bangs and some glitzy jewelry and you’re well on your way to slaying a Halloween look as the fashion icon, Anna Wintour.
  • Angelica – Dress up a doll as Cynthia, don a purple dress with an orange shirt, and style your hair in blonde pigtails. No one will mistake you for anything but Angelica from Rugrats.

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Funny Couples Costumes

  • Yoko Ono and John Lennon – If you’re a Beatles fan you can dress up as this iconic couple by recreating the pajama look they wore in “Bed Peace.”
  • Instagram vs Reality – This enlightening social media trend shows our favorite celebrities and influencers without their perfect poses and professional makeup. Why not create an IRL version of the trend? One half of your duo will dress to the nines and wear an Instagram sign. The other will wear couch-potato-chic in a similar color scheme and put on a sign that says “Reality.”

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