Retired Courtesy Vehicles

Mercedes Benz of Fredericksburg gives you The Best Deals. Courtest Vehicle Program. For choosing and trusting Mercedes-Benz of Fredericksburg to service your pride and joy, a Courtesy Vehicle is provided to seamlessly drop your vehicle off, exchange keys, and continue your day. Our Courtesy Vehicle Fleet consists of 40 brand-new Mercedes-Benz and a wide variety of models. From the legendary S-Class Sedan to the all-electric compact EQB SUV, you’ll be riding in style and confidence. We appreciate you as a customer and hope this luxury makes you as happy as we are providing it.Retired Courtesy Vehicle Program. Vehicle’s in our Courtesy Program have a 90 day maturity rate until eligible to be removed. Meaning, once a vehicle is placed into the Courtesy Vehicle Program, it MUST stay in the program for at least 90days. After 90 days of enrollment, the vehicle is eligible to be removed and offered for sale. These are the BEST DEALS ON THE LOT! Once these minimum 3 month old vehicles retire, they undergo our 175 point Certified Pre-Owned Inspection, Routine Maintenance, Interior & Exterior Detailing, and a photoshoot to show the world! Why BEST DEALS ON THE LOT, you ask?

The Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned Inspection is extensive and guarantees the vehicle is as “like new”, as a pre-owned vehicle could be by giving an additional 12 months and unlimited miles of warranty! So, let’s break this down; A brand-new Mercedes-Benz comes with a 48month/50,000 Manufacturer Warranty. A Courtesy Vehicle will use 90 days minimum leaving 45 months of remaining warranty + 12 months and unlimited miles! That would mean a vehicle only 3 months old would come with 57 months of warranty and unlimited miles! That’s better than New! Need more incentive? You got it.

Retired Courtesy Vehicles come with a CVP Discount! Now you’ve got the right car with more warranty for a discount! Sound good? Need more Incentive? You got it! RETIRED COURTESY VEHICLES QUALIFY FOR CURRENT NEW CAR LEASING & FINANCING INCENTIVES & REBATES! | THAT’S RIGHT! NOW YOU’VE GOT IT ALL. THE VEHICLE, WARRANTY, DISCOUNT,REBATE(S) & SPECIAL NEW VEHICLE FINANCING & LEASING INCENTIVES. This is why our Retired Courtesy Vehicle’s are The Best Deals. | 540-373-5200

**Retired Courtesy Vehicles are limited in availability and sold on a first come first serve basis. Please visit Mercedes-Benz of Fredericksburg Sales Department for current and future CVP availability.